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KUVANA is about Ballet Education, Dance Company. Musical Theater Productions & Performing Arts.

We know the future their minds imagine. We were there once with the full attire, the pointe shoes,  hair up, face lightly made up, staring at the empty space, hearing the applause, if only in our heads. We are here now to make dreams come true and guide them through the journey the way we wish we would have been with Love, Compassion and Dedication. We are here to help them  transform into skilled ballet professionals and integral human beings and all the while aiding them to achieve their personal best.

We want to bring art closer to our communities. We want to help lift spirits, spark smiles, fill hearts with song and dance. Preserve the classic repertoire for all that love the art, our passion, Ballet. This is our contribution.



Artistic Board Members

Vadim Muntagirov

Iñaki Urlezaga

Yolanda Correa

Javier Torres

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"I have wanted to attend this program ever since my dance teacher, Mrs. Lillianna, brought it up. I love to dance, especially ballet because it makes me happy and joyful, and I hope that when people watch me dance, they will be happy, too."

Alyson Tan, Sudent

“One teacher that marked the greatest difference, is Ms. Liliana Vinueza in Rachel’s Ballet. She has been my mentor in helping me secure my insecurities and the possibility of following my passion for dancing.”

Jacklin Wang, Student

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