Mision, Vision & Values

Our Mission

KUVANA’s Mission to preserve the Classical Ballet is supported by our Scholarships unit. We provide generous grants to fund ballet education and support the development of the next generation of ballet talent. Our not-for-profit status allows us to focus on developing talent.

KUVANA’s Performing Arts events and our patrons who support them, are the right platform to generate the funding required to help provide ballet education. All that is needed from students is passion and a recognized talent for ballet. We believe in diversity and support children’s dreams no matter where they come from. All we expect is dedication, self-assertiveness and a healthy drive for accomplishments.

Our Values

Integrity, Discipline, Accountability & Passion. These are the values that support our Vision

In the journey to achieve our Vision, we pledge to act with the upmost Integrity both in the way we conduct our business as well as the way we conduct ourselves.

Being Accountable to our students, their families and ours. We take pride in the Discipline we act with both in the classroom and outside of it. All of the above is guided by the Passion we put into our art, ballet.